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Apply to the OML method

To enrol in the OML method training programs, you must sign up the form provided for that purpose and made available below.

You can register for the teaching training of American language, or the teaching training of the French language, or both.

You will have access to no less than 625 videos for 12 full months. A teaching team of trainers will accompany you throughout your studies.

Here is a summary table of our OML 2017 offer:

Before enrollment, we warmly encourage you to go read the frequently asked questions page.

Participating in an online professional training program implies allocating specific time for the training. Real work and discipline are needed to really enjoy what you have decided to enrol by signing the contract.

Since this is an e-learning course, you will need the funding as soon as you register.
Since most collecting organizations do not accept these conditions, you will not be able to enroll in our courses without being able to pay for the entire course as soon as you register.

To register, you need a paypal account in the name of the person who will be taking the training.
If not, please contact us by email murielle@montessori.fr

For learners who pay from abroad (outside Europe, except euros, Tahiti, etc …) please contact us before any payment.
The costs of currency change prices are at your costs and we expect rigor and up-front communication on your part regarding payment question/information.
Also, we can not guess who signs up when we simply receive a pseudo-name “MERLINNiV2” attached to the bank transfer.

To validate your registration, choose the required training from the drop-down menu below and click on the “Pay” button to get on with the application fee (these 15 € only cover the administrative fees and are not refundable), which will lead you to Paypal (you can pay with a credit card even if you don’t have a Paypal account yet and do not want to open one …):

Chose your training program

The price of the training you pay is net inclusive of VAT and includes the online courses (via Internet and therefore not downloadable). To validate the registration, you will pay by bank transfer (after Paypal payment of the file fees) and bank charges are at your charge, especially in the case of a payment from a bank outside France. Please note that the bank transfer upon registration and non-refundable.

Once you have applied, we will send you the contract to read and also containing the payment terms. You must make a bank transfer for the payment of the chosen course. Once your payment completed, we will assign to the corresponding course(s) level(s) selected for you to begin your training.

As soon as you have made the payment Paypal, we shall send you (via the email address of your Paypal account or the one indicated during the transaction) the contract (in PDF format) to be read, also including the payment terms.
Following this, you must make a bank transfer to pay for the training of your choice.
Once your bank transfer has been made, we will send you the user manual that allows you to create your account on our platform. Once your account has been created, we will assign you the courses corresponding to the chosen training(s) so that you can begin your training.

Note: we will send you the user manual only when your bank transfer does appear on our account … Expect a delay (at least two to three days) between the submission of the transfer on your side and its receipt on our side (the time that the banking network proceeds for the transaction).
So there’s no need to follow up on us as soon as your transfer is made on your side.

-The administrative officer of the sign up process.

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