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Who are we?


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From a basic blended education (Bachelor in Computer Science and Master in Human Resources) and trilingual (French-English-Spanish), I then followed several retraining in Education/teaching (Montessori, Orton Gillingham, mental management).
Then I wanted to improve my skills in languages, including the baby signs languages, the Makaton (multi-modal tool designed to help communication and language using words, signs and pictograms).

Having had the opportunity to speak several languages ​​during my professional experiences (and my travels) as a trainer, consultant and instructional coach, I realised that the learning and development methods were rarely tailored to my specific needs (nor those of children).

It is for this reason that the Montessori approach on the one hand and the OG method on the other hand have resonated with me so well in my language teaching interventions for children and / or adults .

So I use these tools every day and would like to share them with educators, teachers, speech therapists, and relatives around me.

Welcome to this sharing world of a multi-sensory learning languages, so long hoped and expected by all learners!



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Technical manager of the methode-oml.com site and its derivatives.


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